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PostPosted: Sat Jul 15, 2006 8:40 am    Post subject: Site Rules - Required Reading Reply with quote is a private site. Membership is by invitation only.



This Forum is for the discussion and dissemination of information related to Custom Art Design. This forum is not to be used as a debate platform. Any and all complaints must be submitted to an Administrator by private message.


It is the responsibility of every member to stay informed. Rules and policies can change at anytime. Changes to rules and policies are posted in the Forum in the form of announcements. Public discussions are often conducted prior to changes being made. It is your responsibility to participate in those discussions if you want your position heard.


Personal Website links are the Only links that may be listed with your Signature or in the WEBSITE section of your Profile. By Personal, I mean you own the Website and it is not a membership, retail, or used for advertising.

Websites that contain Ads of any kind, may not be listed, even if it is your personal Website.


If you change your password or email address in your Profile, the system automatically sets your account to Limited Access. You need to let me know if you make any changes so I can restore Full Access.


Please select or use your own Avatar. The Dunce Cap is intended as a temporary Avatar until you either select one from our library or upload one your own. Avatars must not be offensive in any way. If an Avatar infers something that would be inappropriate for children, it will not be allowed on this site.


Same rule as Avatars, if the username infers something that would not be appropriate for children, it will not be permitted on this site. Also, do not use email addresses as usernames.


Multiple accounts for one individual are not allowed.


When registering, you must provide the same email address that you use with your Paypal/Google account. Members who are already registered should ensure that their information is current and accurate.


Be courteous to other members and staff at all times. Besides the content of your posts, this includes the way you communicate through PMs and email.

Bad language of any kind is not permitted. If your language is inappropriate for children, it is not appropriate here. This is a Zero-Tolerance rule.

Removal of Artwork:

Once placed in the Gallery, all artwork remains on display indefinitely.


These rules are not meant to stop you from having fun or enjoying the site, but to keep the site running smoothly and to protect its members. So please abide by the rules and above all. enjoy yourself!

All rules are subject to change and modification at any time. Additional rules may be added as deemed necessary.
Site Master
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